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Children’s Teeth Development Charts

Posted on Jan 31, 2013 in Resources

It was a major milestone when we started seeing teeth popping out of our kids’ gums. For us moms that breast feeding, this was a scary thought, and for some of us others, we became worries that they would bite and tear through anything now. Not to mention the pain they felt when teething. As time went by, some of us had to teach our little buddies not to bite other people. But eventually, teeth were teeth and all that mattered was that you brushed them. Until the time came when they started to fall out. Here we go again. The pain they feel when they are coming out, the joy they feel getting visits from the tooth fairy, and the excitement of permanent teeth filling those gaps. Well for the parents wondering when will all this happen, Fremont Dental Arts in Pacific Beach has several teeth development & identification charts to help you along the way. Half of us parents are still watching them come. The other half of us have kids in the between stages.

Here’s a easy breakdown on when to expect your baby’s teeth to come and go;

  • Upper Central Incisors – Comes 8-12 mos. Goes 6-7 yrs.
  • Upper Lateral Incisors – Comes 9-13 mos. Goes 7-8 yrs.
  • Upper Canines – Comes 16-22 mos. Goes 10-12 yrs.
  • Upper First Molars – Comes 13-19 mos. Goes 9-11 yrs.
  • Upper Second Molars – Comes 25-33 mos. Goes 10-12 yrs.
  • Lower Second Molars – Comes 23-31 mos. Goes 10-12 yrs.
  • Lower First Molars – Comes 14-18 mos. Goes 9-11 yrs.
  • Lower Canines – Comes 17-23 mos. Goes 9-12 yrs.
  • Lower Later Incisors – Comes 10-16 mos. Goes 7-8 yrs.
  • Lower Central Incisors – Comes 6-10 mos. Goes 6-7 yrs.

It’s still going to be couple years before your baby’s teeth start falling out. But be prepared. Once they start, it wont stop for 3-6 years.

Gotta love our developing babies kids!